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W26-101.A Curta II Calculator More Powerful and Accurate Than the Curta I. Even though its close  to the same size as the Curta I it handles 15 digits instead of 11 digits, that is (11X8X1) places. It was the calculator of choice for the serious user. We have one left in stock. Click on the Picture  for High Resolution Photos and Details.



W26-08.Serial Numbered, Curta I Pocket Size Calculator Type I, serial number no. 9289, black metal case with "O" ring hermetic seal. This calculator was invented by Curt Herzstark, made in Liechtenstein by Contina A G Mauren. "A complete pocket size precision instrument for all four arithmetical operations" plus cubes, squares, and square roots, capacity of 8x6x11 digits. The Curta was in many experts' opinion the pinnacle of small mechanical calculator design and precision manufacturing. A very fine example, complete with instruction manual. Overall case dimensions 2.5"dia.x 4.5". Sorry Sold See the one above its in still stock.

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