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W26-21: Atwater Kent Radio Model 10B, "Brown", 12/14/1923 (4550) ser.# 5253Atwater Kent Radio Model 10B, "Brown", 12/14/1923 (4550) ser.# 5253, 31 x 10 x 8" H, plus a model "L" speaker. One of the most collectable examples of early American high quality battery radios. A no frill modular design with bold open architecture. Electrical components not hidden inside a fancy cabinet but exposed in a business like way on a finished mahogany base. The graduated tuning dials jut out inviting the masterful touch of the proud owner. The boldness of the design and superb craftsmanship make it an elegant work of art. Mr Atwater was an experienced manufacture of automotive electrical systems before he entered the radio business. In both businesses he chose proven manufacturing techniques and proven electrical circuits for his products. He was also an expert in Bakelite molding. This unit is a fine example of those skills. The components were designed in modular form so that the company could use an economy of scale to offer several models of differing electrical sophistication. This piece was the deluxe outfit with maximum selectivity, tone quality and volume of the day. It includes two stages of tuned radio frequency amplification, a detector and two stages of audio frequency amplification. The instrument includes three variable condensers, one triple tapped radiodyne transformer, two orthogonal mounted (to reduce self oscillation) TRF coils, two single tube units, one three tube unit which includes a detector, and two amplifier stages, a potentiometer and a power cord to the batteries. A wonderful and attractive example of mature American manufacturing of the period.
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