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W26-22. An Alfred H. Grebe's Synchrophase TRF Five Tube Battery Operated Radio,1925This design was heralded by many as the best unshielded tuned radio frequency "TRF" design ever made for the trade. The frequency tracking of the 1924 three dial model was sufficiently precise so that the dials of the 1925 model were chained together to move as one unit. This was the first step toward the birth of the single knob tuned radio. Grebe's products were innovative and of high quality. He was representative of the radio pioneers of the day. He started from his tool shed in 1909 selling tuners and crystals sets to radio amateurs. After his return from W.W.I, his business expanded rapidly with high performance equipment. Unfortunately his skills shown in the quality of his products were not matched with skills in the business details. His company fell to bankruptcy in 1935.
This well kept walnut radio cabinet stands 9" tall and its base is 12.5x22". The front panel is a wine colored bakelite with beautifully tooled bronzed plates decorating the tuning wheels and knobs. The interior is very clean with original instruction charts intact on the back and inside lid This is a very fine example of the last of the best TRF battery operated sets of the 20's.
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