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W26-29. Very Fine Rare Early Dollond Sextant Made by one of the oldest and most able instrument makers of England, c. 1810. Bronze frame and limb, mahogany handle, scale radius 9 3/4", limb marked "Dollond London." Silver scale ranges from -4 deg. 40 min. to 167 deg. 40 min. graduated by 1 degree subdivided to 20 min., reinforced bronze index arm, silver vernier type"B" (2 1/4 long(!) with magnifier reading directly to 15 sec., and tangent screw (X) located below the vernier. The optics include adjustable index mirror with four fixed shades, horizon glass adjustable with tool, three fixed shades, and adjustable sight vane for telescope. The keystone mahogany box is equipped with one inverting telescope 6" long, and two eye pieces each with four cross hairs. This is truly a fine and was a very costly instrument representative of highest workmanship standards. It is easy to use and beautifully balanced. Its maker achieved a graceful elegant design through simplicity without sacrificing quality. A very rare instrument. Our research of several major collections have thus far tracked down only one other example.
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