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W26-01 A Spectacular Seven Foot Slide Rule

W26-02 Early Fullers Spiral Slide Rule, 1897, serial # 1050

W26-03. Otis King Model K Cylindrical Calculator

W26-04: English Fowler Long Scale Magnum Calculator.

W26-05: Thacher Calculating Instrument, Patented by Edwin Thacher

W26-06: Palmer's Computing Scale, Early Version, Issue One

W26-07: American "Lightning" Desk Model Portable Adding Machine.

W26-08. A Popular Low Serial Numbered, Curta Pocket Size Calculator

W26-09. Golden Gem Adding Machine, c 1907

W26-10. Hand cranked A.C. and D.C. Demonstration Dynamo

W26-11. Improved Willis Polar Planimeter, Patented 1901

W26-12. A Tangent Galvanometer Signed "W. G. Pye & Co. Cambridge, England" Early 20th century

W26-13. An Early Notable Gurley Norwegian Type Compass

W26-14: Small German Prism Spectroscope on Stand

W26-15. Three draw Spyglass,c 1850

W26-16 Two draw Spyglass, c 1860

W26-17. Late 19th Century German Holosteric Barometer

W26-18: A Rare and Important ABC Telegraph Transmitter Professor Charles Wheatstone

W26-19. American Early 1900 Portable Bunnell Combination Telegraph Set

W26-20. 1925 Brownie No.2, Crystal Radio Receiver

W26-21: Atwater Kent Radio Model 10B, "Brown", 12/14/1923 (4550) ser.# 5253

W26-22. An Alfred H. Grebe's Synchrophase TRF Five Tube Battery Operated Radio,1925

W26-23. English R & J. Beck Binocular Microscope, c1870

W26-24. Drum Microscope good original condition probably late 19th century.

W26-25. W26-25. Table Graphascope c 1880.

W26-26. American Box Microscope signed "Gundlach Manhattan Optical Co."

W26-27 Bausch and Lomb "American Agriculturist Compound Microscope", late 19th century.

W26-28.FADA Crystal Radio Detector Stand, 1922

W26-29. Very Fine Rare Early Dollond Sextant Made by one of the oldest and most able instrument makers of England, c. 1810.

W26-30. Wood Diptych German Sun Dial.

W26-31. 1870 English Octant Made by Walker of Liverpool.

W26-32. American Transit 5 3/4 in. by W. & L.E. Gurley Of Troy, N.Y.

W26-43 Wimshurst Electrostatic Generator signed, "Philip Harris LTD.", Early 1900


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