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Catalog Scientific Instruments for Sale at antiques-sci-tech.com
Catalog Scientific Instruments for Sale at SciTechAntiques.com.

Select Instruments which are for sale that have appeared in National TV science programs See them in use.
  • Alexander Graham Bell Metal detector and the story of his attempt to save Pres. Garfield life.
  • Alexander Graham Bell Telephone--Should Bell have gotten his 1st patent Instruments for sale.
  • Typhoid Mary Chemical apparatus use for props in the filming of the award winning show.
  • Percival Julian Chemical Apparatus and Instrument used as Props in the Filming of the one of the greatest chemist of the 20th century.
  • Galileo's Telescope building a replica of for the Science Channel's program Brilliant Minds.
  • Galileo Building Testing & Advising Inclined Plane for the Science Channel's program Brilliant Mind.
  • Golden Gate Bridge Calculating and Drafting Instrument used in the Filming.
  • Adolphus Washington Greely Filming His 1881-1884 Lady Franklin Bay Expedition to the Artic. Greely Lost Nineteen Out of His Twenty Five Men..
  • Japanese TV production of A.G.Bell's metal detector & telephone
  • Phenolic Resin Casework: Display cases and storage solutions crafted with durable Phenolic Resin, ensuring longevity and preservation of historical instruments.

Look at instruments being used in our laboratory and instruments in museum collection from around the world for your reference

  • Click to see Prism Spectroscope, Spectra of High Temperature Air.
  • Click to see Science Fair Project, Electric Gas Discharge at Low Pressure, Current Versus Voltage Curves, Arc Column Bending Under Magnetic Field, Spectra Mercury, He, H, Air, Etc.
  • See A Digital Ham Radio Surrounded by VERY Rare Victorian Scientific Instruments In Our Inventory
  • Click to see A 50 car train wreck Telegraph Instruments, Telegraphers pocket watch in use
  • Visit A great University site for descriptions and pictures of rare scientific and engineering instruments from some of the worlds greatest collections. Then return back here to see more examples of instruments for your collection.

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