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W26-12: A Tangent Galvanometer Signed "W. G. Pye & Co. Cambridge, England"Early 20th century Three coils, 2-50-500, are wound on a 5 3/4" dia.. brass lacquered coil ring. The magnet and indicator needle housing is black and the meter scale is mirrored. The unit is supported by a black enameled brass casting with three legs and brass leveling screws. The brass and black finishes make a very attractive appearance and the condition of the unit is excellent, a few minor paint chips on the legs. Overall height 8 1/2".
Various forms of the large stationary coils and small moving magnet tangent or sine type galvanometers were used as the standard current measuring instrument into the last quarter of the 19th century. In 1880 Jacques-Arsene d'Arsonval invented the large stationary magnet and small moving coil meter which bears his name. This invention and the rapid changes in electrical technology brought about by the invention of Bell's telephone in 1878 and Edison's 1879 lighting and power distribution systems, soon obsoleted the tangent galvanometer. This piece represents the last advances of the old electrical technology. Very handsome instrument and in operational condition.
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